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27 juin 2019

L’ambassade canadienne à Berne a tenu une réception pour célébrer la Fête du Canada. Canada Club Berne a été représenté par Dave. Voici quelques photos.

30 juin 2019

Par un temps merveilleux le pique-nique annuel pour célébrer la Fête du Canada a eu lieu à Kirchberg, comme d’habitude. Voici quelques photos prises par Lori (dessus) et de Dave (dessous).

September 21, 2019

On Saturday, September 21st, 2019, 6 Canadian club members, 2 American guests and one small dog met in Rubigen for the drive up to Kandersteg. Brilliant blue sky and temperatures up to 20°C were promised in Kandersteg. We weren’t disap-pointed. The hike was leisurely, as we often stopped for photo taking. Looking for ‘faces’ in the high mountain walls, listening to the thunder of waterfalls, searching for mushrooms, collecting dry firewood for a lunch-time picnic fire, enjoying beer in the sunshine at the Waldhotel, talking and laughing: that is how we spent our day. We calculated that the three-hour hike took us about four hours, but who cares? The company was as wonderful as the weather and there was nothing better to do than enjoy it with like-minded hikers.

We arrived back in Rubigen at 18.30, feeling very satisfied with ourselves after a great day in the wild Swiss outdoors.

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