This page is dedicated to some recent events where photos were taken. The slideshows take a moment to download, so be patient… Note also that they may require Adobe Flash Player.

December 10, 2016

Canada Club Berne celebrated Christmas at the Sternen in Worb – a tradition that’s been with the Club for many years now. The pictures give a few impressions of the event.

October 23, 2016

Here are some pictures of this year’s Canada Club Berne Pancake Brunch, complete with – yes, pancakes and maple syrup – but also waffles, focaccia, cheese strata.

Two new people showed up, Pauline and Bonnie, who added to the pleasant conversation. Pauline did up a booklet on Maple Syrup called Pierre and the wolf at the Canadian Sugar Shack. More about that through a link on the links page.

February 11, 2017

What a wonderful day for a snowshoe outing.  Sunshine, temperatures around 0°C, snow hanging on fir tree branches or decorating tree branches, blue sky moun-tains and four people eager to snowshoe.  

The trail from Ramslauenen in Kiental (just above Riechenbach on the way to Frutigen) is easy to follow.  The trail first goes uphill, then winds around and down to Tschingelsee. After, it goes through forest and along the river.  It takes about 3 hours to do the 7.4 kilometers.   

We were totally alone for the first hour, but saw about 10 other snowshoers as the day went on.  This route can be recommended for anyone and could even be repeated another time.  

February 23, 2017

Debbie, Lynda and Dave were invited to a meeting with Canada’s consul in Berne, Julie Normand, and two members of her staff, Nina Ursachi and Marlene Stadler. The purpose was on one hand to provide the consulate with a better insight into Canadians in Switzerland, in particular in the Berne area. On the other  hand we discussed what could be done to mark the celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday.

In addition to that we learned that the consulate doesn’t have much information on Canadians living is Switzerland, since most Canadians don’t realize that they can and should register with the consulate. Here’s the link to the registration site, check it out:

Remember, the consulate can’t inform you if nobody there knows you’re in Switzerland.

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