This page is dedicated to recent events where photos were taken. The slideshows take a moment to download, so be patient… Note also that they may require Adobe Flash Player.

September 23, 2018

Canada Club Fall hike from Emmenmatt to Trubschachen.

The weather was spectacularly good, the wind and rain that had occurred during the night had stopped and didn’t start again until after we were all already back home.

As was announced, we did indeed see the oldest bridge in the Upper Emmental (Ramserenbrücke, 1793) and a couple others as well as we walked along the Ilfis River. We also saw a wooden sculpture and discovered that the route was also a cartoon path. We even saw an Emmentaler water supply unit!

Although we didn’t meet up with a real Emmental cow as announced, we did see some Trubschachen chickens.

It’s all in the slide shows, the upper one provided by Dave, the lower one provided by Thomas, who not only planned the hike, but also took pictures. Thanks, Thomas!

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