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Club events are listed here. Should there be any documentation (photos, descriptions), they will be made available to members for download from our cloud space.

Non-members are welcome to come and take part in an event and meet some of the Club members prior to deciding whether to join the Club. However, you will have to contact us at bernecanadaclub@gmail.com for the event details.

You can also find information about upcoming events on our Facebook group page.

Upcoming events

  • December 10: Annual Christmas Dinner
  • January 22: Annual General Meeting:

Activities can be added at any time if you have an idea. Put it on FB and let the Exec know to inform members by email. Occasionally the Embassy informs us of events.

Past events


  • October 23: Brunch
  • July 3: Canada Day Picnic
  • June 12: Upstage Theater performance Trap for a Lonely Man
  • May 26: Biking day
  • April 1: Bowling evening
  • March 27: Brunch Canada Week
  • February 20: Annual General Meeting


  • December 11: Christmas Dinner
  • October 31: Pancake Brunch
  • August 21: Summer BBQ
  • July 4: Canada Day Picnic